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About us

Estonian Nature Tourism association was founded year 2018. Our goal is to develop Estonian nature tourism, to network Estonian nature tourism service providers, to be a reliable partner for the Estonian Tourism Board and other partners. 

Our wish is to become more aware of the importance of Estonia's reputation and image as a high-value natural state and the need to preserve and improve it both in Estonia and internationally.

We are convinced that the image of a natural state is important internationally not only for the success of the tourism sector, but also contributes to the promotion of Estonia's reputation and economic and cultural space in general.

In the course of our activities, we support and value the culture of different communities and regions, respect the principles of nature and environmental protection, and stand for the highest standards of tourism ethics.
The preserved and valued natural resource is the cornerstone in creating Estonia's ecosystem and sustainable future economy.

To achieve the goals, we do:

  1. protect and stand up for the common interests of Estonian nature tourism service providers both in Estonia and abroad;

  2. represent the members of the association in various state and social decision-making and representative organizations;

  3. promote sustainable, eco-tourism and eco-tourism and stand for the principles of conscious travel;

  4. marketing campaigns, which introduce the services of our members both within Estonia and worldwide; also nature tourism events and other activities.

  5. cooperate with the public, private and third sectors both in Estonia and abroad; nature guide and tourism education institutions, internship opportunities for nature guide learners are offered.

  6. contribute to the development of nature tourism services and the improvement of the quality of nature tourism products;

  7. participate in researches for developing the sector;

  8. are actively looking for partners for the development of nature tourism both in Estonia and abroad.

In any questions or for further information you are welcome to contact us or call +372 5105 441

Our members:

Birding Haapsalu OÜ and Tarvo Valker
The aim of Birding Haapsalu is to help discover Haapsalu and the surrounding area as a great place for bird watching. For this purpose, we offer guide services for visitors with different nature interests. Contact us and book an exciting bird watching trip for your company -, @birdinghaapsalu

City Bike OÜ and Toomas Lelov
You can rent proper bicycle equipment directly from Tallinn and go exploring nature while rolling. CityBike will also prepare an exciting one-day or multi-day hiking route across Estonia. Contact -, @epost

Estlander MTÜ and Erki Vaikre
Nature trainings / Survival training / Heritage training / Population protection / Outdoor training - exciting survival trips in Lahemaa or Kõrvemaa, Northern Estonia. Did you know what bushcraft means? See more and contact us here -,
 Hansareisibüroo AS and Toomas Elmet
They offer both bus transport and other travel agency services: ferry tickets, Euro- and Ecolines bus tickets, health and traffic insurance, etc. Cooperate with all major tour operators. Find out more about the possibilities here -

Heritage Tours Estonia and Maarika Naagel
Maarika moved back from Tallinn to the so-called roots in Saaremaa and today offers exciting real walks in Vilsandi National Park. Maarika offers one- or multi-day hiking tours, passing on to hikers the knowledge and wisdom about culture and nature inherited from their ancestors. Find out more about the activities here -

Hikingestonia MTÜ and Andrus Aus
Hiking is not just a sport, not even a form of active recreation, but a way of life. As a warning, hiking is addictive. You go once and you feel that you can't do without hiking. Book a hiking trip for your group or check out the exciting open hikes here -

Wolf Source Center and Kaia-Kaire Hunt
The Wolf Retreat and Training Center is an open worldview and self-development center located in Suuremetsa village, Võru municipality, in the southeast corner of South Estonia. It is a place to be, to meditate, to look inside oneself and to be with nature. The Wolf Source Center organizes various events, camps and retreats, but it is also possible to rent a place. Find out more about the possibilities here - Kolme Tarkuse Kivi OÜ,,

Ilmavald OÜ and Roy Stider
Roy organized interesting and useful trips high and far (Himalayas, Mongolia, Siberia, etc.). Main area of ​​operation Põlva County. Make an appointment and visit Royle - @,

Kaks Hunti OÜ and Marko Poolamets
Marko is a photographer with a medical background and a master's degree in nature tourism. It is exciting to go on a photo trip to watch birds or look for bear tracks. Marko also offers visual and tourist marketing solutions. See more information and contact -, @marko_poolamets_photography

Lahemaa Tourism Association
The association brings together tourism professionals from the Lahemaa region. Kaisa Linno, VisitLahemaa, @visitlahemaa

Lahemaa Ökoturism MTÜ and Kauri Kivipõld
Lahemaa Ecotourism takes you to educational and exciting nature trips in the Lahemaa region. Check out the possibilities here -

Lahendaja OÜ / Lahematkad ja Heiki Hõimoja
In the region of Northwest Estonia, Heiki will look for all the cool places and take you on hikes. Book a trip to in advance. Find an interactive hiking trail at

Liina Steinberg
Freelance guide and photographer. Liina is also associated with the NGO Päästame Eesti Metsad and takes you on a nature trip through the eyes of a forest manager. Make an appointment with your company and write to Liina -, @liinasteinberg

Linnumäe Nature Farm and Ahto Neidak
A cozy and cozy nature farm with a guest house awaits visitors in the Ohepalu nature reserve in Lääne-Virumaa. There is a nature trip on foot, with snowshoes or skis in the bog, cycling along Kõrvemaa oases and canoes on the Valgejõgi River, rooms for gatherings, saunas and accommodation for up to 20 people, and on-site catering. Visit the website

Loodurism OÜ and Imre Arro
Scooter and bicycle trips, canoe and light raft trips, rappa walking or snowshoeing in Southern Estonia around Otepää and Pühajärv, if you wish, also by order all over Estonia. Open hikes for visitors to Lake Pühajärv. , @,

Matkajuht OÜ and Levo Tohva
Levo is the grandfather of hiking, an ardent contributor to hiking and outdoor activities. With him, you can go hiking in Southern Estonia and also discovering exciting places all over Estonia. Hiking with rapids, FAT bikes and electric bikes at all times of the year, canoes on different rivers or light rafts will take you to discover the Aidu or Rummu cart. If you do not have your own group, it is possible to join open hikes. Check out the possibilities here - @matkajuht

Metsamõisa Vara OÜ and Priit Adler
Priit offers exciting nature educational trips on foot or with snowshoes in the Harju County area. There are many programs and opportunities. Check out the possibilities here -

Natourest OÜ Bert Rähni and Triin Asi
Bert and Triin offer nature walks in the forests of Alutaguse as well as in the Gulf of Tallinn, then by snowshoeing, walking, sledding, etc. If you are interested in bear, eagle or seal watching, contact us and find out more here -, @natourest

Nature Tours Estonia (Krissi Kirjatööd OÜ) and Kristina Traks
It is exciting to hike with snowshoes and canoe along the water canals in the Emajõgi-Suursoo bog. During the winter season, you can go hiking with husky sledges along the frozen canals. Open hikes also take place according to the season. Visit

Nelson / Rivanel OÜ and Vahur Leemets
Vahur takes you on a canoe trip, the river options include the Valgejõgi, Põltsamaa and Pärnu rivers. The hiking club is also involved in climbing training and the construction of climbing walls and adventure trails. Check out the possibilities here -

Peeter Vissak
A freelance guide and photographer with whom it is always exciting to go bird watching on the coast or small islands. Write to Peter and make an appointment - @pvissak

Pikla Linnumaja and Aivar Merila
Pikla Linnumaja is located in the Luitemaa nature reserve, right on the sea shore. In a place considered to be one of the best places to watch birds. This holiday home is especially suitable for up to 15 people who enjoy nature, silence and peace. Bird watching trips, meeting or seminar rooms and a refreshing smoke sauna are available on request for groups. The family also raises beef cattle and groups are catered for on site. Visit the website

Polar Eye OÜ and Toomas Tammik
Together with Toomas, you will go on a canoe trip mainly to the rivers of Järva and Jõgeva counties, which will take you to the most beautiful places in Central Estonia. In addition to the canoe trip, Toomas organizes everything else that goes with the trip. Check out the possibilities and plan a canoe trip here -, @matkapesa

Prangli Reisid OÜ and Annika Prangli
If you want to go exploring Prangli Island or go on a nature trip near Tallinn, Annika organizes a trip with transport. In addition, the company also offers historical trips in the heart of Tallinn. Check out the possibilities here -,, @pranglitravel

Preeriakoda OÜ and Marko Aleksejev
Marko offers exciting nature walks in Rapla County with the possibility to spend the night at native tipi. Would you like to wake up with the sunrise and hike in the swamp with your own buscrafts snowshoes, walk in the silence or canoeing and listen all the sounds of nature's awakening. For breakfast you can make pancakes on the campfire. If so, contact us and find out more here -, @preeriakoda

Reimann Retked OÜ and Mart Reimann
Mart offers kayak trips in the Gulf of Tallinn to small islands or along the rivers of Northern Estonia. If you can't find him in the rivers, he may be in a swamp with snowshoes or in the forest with sledges in the winter season. Mart is a man with the wisdom of a so-called recreation teacher, who is happy to share his knowledge and hiking skills. Check out his activities here -

Sea Kayaking Estonia OÜ and Mariell Jüss and Rene Valner
While living in Soomaa, as a family business, they offer canoe trips in Soomaa, kayak trips at sea both at home and further afield. They also train water trip instructors. Check out the opportunities and activities here -,, @seakayakingestonia

Adventure partner and Kaspar Kõiva
The adventure partner helps to create YOUR ADVENTURE: adventurous company winter and summer days, teamwork training, trips at sea and on land, friendship events, day or evening management. Organize events both as a whole and as part of a larger enterprise. Check out the opportunity here - @seikluspartner

Terbata OÜ and Ilze Salnaja-Värv
Ilze was born in a small Latvian village in Courland, which is also the westernmost historical region of Latvia and Old Livonia.
When Ilze met her future husband, she came to live in Tartu from Riga and now her home is here. Latvia is proud of her work - she is a guide to Estonia and Latvia at the Estonian National Museum. However, there is a recognized tour guide outside the museum. Find out more and contact us -

Thea Perm
ELTÜ accountant

Uuejärve Matkapesa OÜ (VisitKorvemaa) and Marilin Pehka
Marilin knows the harsh places and beautiful places in the Kõrvemaa region. His favorite are sports hikes with a distance of 10 km + more, sunrise trips in a lake with a swamp or hiking trips in the forest. He can also recommend tourist opportunities in the area to groups and offers a personal guide in the area. Check out the possibilities here -, @

Vango Wonderland and Triin Kallas
An unbeatable recreation center with nature and a hospitable family in Pärnu County. Check out the possibilities here -

Five Seasons OÜ Aivar Ruukel and Algis Martsoo
In Soomaa, sledding, canoeing, snowshoeing for groups at any time. These men know what a more exciting way to travel in Soomaa at the moment. They are also involved in the development of the tourist area. Check out the activities and opportunities here -, @soomaagram

Võrtsjärve Sõprade Selts MTÜ and Anmar Pihlak
The Jõesuu recreation area surrounding the visitor center has a public car park, a beautiful sandy Emajõgi beach, an even more beautiful sandy beach on Lake Võrtsjärv, and a playground for children. Refreshments are available at the Konks Café, an apartment in the accommodation center. In the information point you will find all the necessary information about the recreation opportunities and entrepreneurs of the picnic area. The information point is open during the season - check out the options here -

Windrose Cruising OÜ and Liina Freivald
If you want to go to sea, Liina will find a solution and opportunities for your company. Contact us and plan a pleasant cruise here -


Please feel free to contact us if you want to cooperate with us or have any concerns regarding Estonian nature tourism

Marilin Pehka

Project manager

+372 5105 441

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