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About us

Estonian Nature Tourism association was founded year 2018. Our goal is to develop Estonian nature tourism, to network Estonian nature tourism service providers, to be a reliable partner for the Estonian Tourism Board and other partners.  We know Estonian nature tourism entrepreneurs, have good contacts and can recommend the best ones for your trip. Any question you can write project manager Marilin -  

Our wish is to become more aware of the importance of Estonia's reputation and image as a high-value natural state and the need to preserve and improve it both in Estonia and internationally.

We are convinced that the image of a natural state is important internationally not only for the success of the tourism sector, but also contributes to the promotion of Estonia's reputation and economic and cultural space in general.

In the course of our activities, we support and value the culture of different communities and regions, respect the principles of nature and environmental protection, and stand for the highest standards of tourism ethics.
The preserved and valued natural resource is the cornerstone in creating Estonia's ecosystem and sustainable future economy.

To achieve the goals, we do:

  1. protect and stand up for the common interests of Estonian nature tourism service providers both in Estonia and abroad;

  2. represent the members of the association in various state and social decision-making and representative organizations;

  3. promote sustainable, eco-tourism and eco-tourism and stand for the principles of conscious travel;

  4. marketing campaigns, which introduce the services of our members both within Estonia and worldwide; also nature tourism events and other activities.

  5. cooperate with the public, private and third sectors both in Estonia and abroad; nature guide and tourism education institutions, internship opportunities for nature guide learners are offered.

  6. contribute to the development of nature tourism services and the improvement of the quality of nature tourism products;

  7. participate in researches for developing the sector;

  8. are actively looking for partners for the development of nature tourism both in Estonia and abroad.

In any questions or for further information you are welcome to contact us or call +372 5105 441

Our members:

Mammals watching

Natourest OÜ, Bear Watching Hides and Nature Observation Tours

The company offers nature walks in the forests of Alutaguse nature park by snowshoeing, walking, sledding, etc. If you're keen to see large mammals such as moose and deer, or even Estonia's predators—bears, wolves, and lynxes—we provide the perfect experience for you. For those interested in a discreet wildlife encounter, our exclusive bear watching hides in Alutaguse National Park offer a unique opportunity. These are the only hides in Estonia specially designed for observing bears in their natural habitat. Alongside bears, you might also spot various other animals and birds during your visit. Join us for an unparalleled adventure into the wild, where Estonia's rich biodiversity comes to life right before your eyes. For more information: 


Prangli Travel, Seal watching tours and Daytrips from Tallinn

Discover Prangli Island with our expert-guided tours, offering a mix of wildlife, culture, and natural beauty. Departing from Tallinn, our day trips feature unique experiences like seal watching and insightful nature walks. Immerse yourself in the local culture and pristine landscapes of Prangli, all within a day's adventure near Tallinn. Join us for a captivating journey that brings you closer to Estonia’s enchanting island life.  For more information: 

Windrose Cruising OÜ and Liina Freivald

Embark on a sailing adventure that takes you to secluded islets and vibrant coastal cultures. Our tours, suitable for a day or multiple days, offer unique opportunities for bird and seal watching while exploring the untouched beauty of nature. Experience the rich maritime traditions of quaint fishing villages and small islands, with itineraries that blend thrilling sailing with serene nature observations as Seal watching. Join us for a perfect getaway where the ocean breeze and rhythmic waves create unforgettable memories. Contact us and plan a pleasant cruise here -, visit website!

Wild Nature Estonia: Unveil the Hidden Wonders of Nature

Welcome to Wild Nature Estonia, where we help you experience and capture the real essence of the natural world. Dive into the realm of nature observations and photography with our range of services, including convenient and comfortable mobile trailer hides, a dedicated boat-hide, and various other specialized hides. Our hides offer you the chance to remain an undetected observer, allowing nature to unfold before your eyes.

When you blend seamlessly into the environment, nature reveals its true self. Our hides turn the vibrant, living world into a stage, where you can safely and freely watch the natural spectacle unfold. Fore more information email us -



Birding Haapsalu; Birding and mammal watching trips in Estonia are led by professional guides. 

With over 30 years of experience in birdwatching, our company guarantees successful birdwatching tours every time. Our expert guides, each with at least 20 years in the field, possess extensive knowledge of various bird species and their habitats. Whether you're interested in species counts or specific birds like the Steller's Eider, Ural Owl, Hazel Grouse, or White-backed Woodpecker, our tours are designed to meet your expectations. 

In addition to birdwatching, our tours occasionally offer sightings of elusive wildlife such as lynxes and wolves. Join us for an unforgettable experience in nature, where every excursion promises success and adventure. We help to make your visit to Estonia unforgettable. For more information: 


Pikla Birdhouse 

Pikla Birdhouse (Pikla linnumaja) is located in the Luitemaa nature reserve, right on the sea shore, one of the best places to watch birds. This holiday home is suitable for up to 15 people to enjoy nature, silence and peace. Birdwatching trips, meeting or seminar rooms and a refreshing smoke sauna are available on request for groups. For more information: 

Nature Sense Bird Tours, Birdwatching hikes in the Middle-Estonia

Explore the wonders of Estonian nature with me as your guide. Whether you're seeking a guided forest experience, birdwatching trip with binoculars, or wish to discover specific bird species, I offer tailored excursions in South-Estonia. Visit the Trips section in the menu or contact me below to learn more. Let's embark on a journey surrounded by nature's beauty and fresh air. See you soon in the forest!  For more information - Nature Sense Bird Tours,


Kaks Hunti OÜ and Marko Poolamets

Marko is a photographer with a medical background and a master's degree in nature tourism. It is exciting to go on a photo trip to watch birds or look for bear tracks. Marko also offers visual and tourist marketing solutions. See more information and contact -, @marko_poolamets_photography

Humala Kalabaas Fishing and Bird Watching

Experience the joy of fishing and relaxation at Humala Kalabaas, the local fisherman’s retreat on the serene banks of the Emajõgi River. Enjoy private and comfortable fishing in a picturesque, secluded setting where everything is arranged for you, all the amenities needed for both fishing and leisure. Ensuring a memorable stay,  you can spend nights in a unique floating cabin, free from worries about rain and mosquitoes. 

With a boat, you can also explore Estonia's largest river, the Emajõgi, and the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve for birdwatching. Marvel at eagles, grey herons, and countless other waterfowl in their natural habitat.


Heritage Tours Estonia and Maarika Naagel

Maarika moved back from Tallinn to the so-called roots in Saaremaa and today offers exciting real walks in Vilsandi National Park. Maarika offers one- or multi-day hiking tours, passing on to hikers the knowledge and wisdom about culture and nature inherited from their ancestors. Find out more about the activities here -


Forest Restaurant,  Culinary Delights in the Heart of the Woods

Nestled deep in the forest, our unique restaurant, Forest Feast, offers an authentic dining experience surrounded by an array of plants, berries, and mushrooms. We prepare our dishes on a live fire and grill, using the freshest wild ingredients combined with the finest products from local vendors. The journey to our restaurant is an experience in itself, winding through forest trails where guests learn about edible plants, as well as the historical and traditional context of the former dairy farm on which we're situated.

For those looking for a deeper connection with nature, we offer extended foraging walks and forest food workshops with our head chef. Join us at Forest Feast for a meal where nature meets culinary excellence, and discover flavors as wild and fresh as the surroundings. For more information email us -

Nature Tours Estonia,  Explore the Wilds of Peipsiveere: Nature Tours in Estonia’s Hidden Sanctuary

Discover the untouched beauty of Peipsiveere Nature Reserve with our guided tours. This secluded area, rich in wildlife and plant diversity, is home to endangered species and the largest cranberry bogs in Estonia. Enjoy spotting moose, eagles, and other iconic fauna. Our tours also offer foraging for berries and mushrooms, and learning about local medicinal plants and wild food.

Enhance your adventure by exploring the unique terrain with bogshoes, navigating waterways by canoe, or traversing the landscape with sled dogs. Experience the natural wonders of one of Estonia’s most pristine environments in Peipsiveere Nature Reserve.  For more information - 

N35 hiking club and Adventure and the Discovery hikes of Local Nature and Culture

N35Matkaklubi offers activities for everyone interested in hiking and enjoying nature. Based in the heart of Jõgevamaa, Estonia, we organize diverse nature hikes that highlight the importance of local biodiversity and cultural heritage. Our excursions span various parts of Estonia, providing insights into the country's natural beauty, geography, and culture.

Private hikes in unique locations and exciting outdoor activities year-round, including bogshoe hiking, skiing, and mushrooming. Also bird and mammal-watching tours across Estonia. Discover what makes Estonian nature unique with our certified nature tour guides, offering tours in Estonian, English, and German. For more information contact us -

Liina Steinberg nature tour guide

Freelance guide and photographer. Liina is also associated with NGO Save the Estonian Forests. She takes you on a nature trip through the eyes of a forest protector and introduces the life cycle of the Estonian forest.  


Nature retreat

Jäägri Villa - Nature Tours from Hunter's Villa

The Hunters' Villa houses a magnificent collection of Estonian animals, which you have the opportunity to encounter in the wild during our nature tours. There are rooms for 19 persons, plus a sauna, catering hall and a beautiful garden area with old oak trees. You can also explore nature by hiking with a former hunter, who will share some of his secrets about mammals. For more information: 

Mustjõe Kõrtsitalu

A former winter tavern in the forests of the Kõrvemaa region, 1 hour drive from Tallinn, offers a glimpse into traditional Estonian life a century ago, showcasing local traditional architecture and serene natural surroundings. You can forget yourself and feel taken centuries back, losing the track of time, while observing horses walking loose in the forest. The forests are also a home to big game- like moose, bears and lynxes. 



The place offers exciting nature walks in Rapla County with the possibility to spend the night at native tipi tent. Would you like to wake up with the sunrise and hike in the swamp with your own bushcraft snowshoes, walk in the silence or go canoeing and listen to all the sounds of nature's awakening? For breakfast you can make pancakes on the campfire.  


Linnumäe Loodustalu

A cozy nature farm with a guest house awaits visitors in the Ohepalu nature reserve in North-Estonia. We offer many different activities in Kõrvemaa area- walking tours, snowshoeing, skiing, canoeing. We accommodate up to 20 people, offer conference room and gatherings, possible to use the sauna and on-site catering.

Uuejärve Outdoor retreat @ VistiKorvemaa

One hour drive from Tallinn, next to Lahemaa National Park, at the Kõrvemaa Natura2000 forest and a bog area you’ll find wonderful possibilities for a getaway, to spend time foraging berries or mushrooms. Year-round hiking - walking, bogshoeing, canoeing, SUP-board, kick sledding and snowshoe hiking filled with seasonal highlights. At a former farmhouse you’ll find small home accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy living room with fireplace. You can also have sweet dreams at treehouses or hammocks. Experience the authentic farmhouse sauna, where past generations nurtured their soul and spirit.

From 2024, you can meet our lovable Small Lapland sled dogs! Enjoy sled rides, hikes, or simply cuddle and photograph these charming dogs in our festive Christmas photo studio. Welcome to explore the nature lifestyle - Uuejärve Outdoor Retreat

Vango Wonderland and Triin Kallas

Established on a former forest ranger’s site, is a special place. With a bit of luck, you might encounter a fox, rabbit, lynx, or even mythical creatures like dwarfs. Some even say mermaids have been spotted here. Wander through the forests, listening to the trees with both your ears and heart. Spend your time enjoying the sauna, swimming, picnicking, or playing ball games. Celebrate birthdays amidst the rustling woods, or host a seminar. Some practice yoga poses at sunrise, while others bask in the sun on the dock, singing along with the birds. Whatever draws you to Vango, we look forward to welcoming you here.

. Check out the possibilities here -

Estonian Wildnest Resorts, personalized and authentic tours.

Our mission is to blend the beauty of nature with everyday comforts, offering multi-day adventures for those seeking a deep connection with nature and culture. Join us as we explore together, sharing in the wonders of the natural world and local heritage. After each enriching day, retreat to our mobile resorts for regional cuisine, modern amenities, and spacious wilderness accommodations—a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. For more information visit our homepage!

Activities in nature and wildlife watching


360 degrees/Frank Events

Discover the best of Estonian nature with 360 degrees/Frank Events. We specialize in crafting high-quality outdoor experiences for private clients and corporate groups, blending expert event management with adventurous activities like canoeing, fatbiking, kayaking, and bogshoeing. Explore Estonia's diverse landscapes with us, no matter the season. For more information, contact us at


​Explore Estonia with (NWR Holding OÜ) 

Join for a thrilling journey through Estonia's most breathtaking natural settings, perfectly suited for our E-fatbikes. These electric-assist bikes make challenging terrains accessible, turning steep climbs and rugged paths into enjoyable adventures. From the untouched quarries in the north to the challenging landscapes of the south and east, every ride is an opportunity to discover and enjoy. Along the way, immerse yourself in the rich local folklore that enhances the authenticity of your cycling experience. Whether you're new to cycling or an experienced rider, our E-fatbikes ensure a delightful adventure across Estonia’s diverse terrains. For more information, visit our website or contact us via email

Reimann Retked

Kayak trips in Tallinn Bay to small islands or along the rivers of Northern-Estonia. If you can't find Mart, the founder of Reimann Retked, on rivers, he may be in a swamp with snowshoes or in the forest with sledges in the winter season. Mart is a man with the wisdom and higher nature skills, always happy to share his knowledge and tips.



Kunnar organizes adventure tours and adventure marathons all over Estonia at different times and places in a sustainable way, leaving nothing behind. Those who are close to nature and who value nature are welcome to his hikes.


CityBike Tallinn - Bicycle Tours in the City and Nature

Discover Tallinn and beyond with CityBike, your expert guide for cycling tours in the Estonian capital and across the country. With years of experience, we specialize in uncovering the most authentic experiences and sights Tallinn has to offer. But it doesn't stop there – we provide everything you need to explore all of Estonia on two wheels, including bicycle rentals, routes, accommodation recommendations, and more.

Whether you're a solo traveler or a group of cycling enthusiasts, you can rent high-quality bikes and equipment directly from us in Tallinn. Need a memorable hiking adventure instead? CityBike can also arrange exciting one-day or multi-day hiking routes across Estonia. Contact us at for more information.

Indie Tours Kayak Hikes and Small Lapland Dogsledding Adventures

Whether it's on water, ice, or snow, experience vigorous movements and adventurous journeys with us. From kayak trips to sled dog rides, we offer dynamic outdoor activities that promise to create lasting stories and memories. Join us for picturesque sunset kayaking on Tallinn Bay with seal watching, or embark on epic kayak journeys in Southern Estonia, navigating through 12 lakes while enjoying an authentic smoke sauna and homemade meals. For more information or to book your adventure, email us at

Rajalt Maas Nature and Photo tours

Hiking in nature - on foot, with snowshoes, hiking skis, accompanied by a nature photographer who will open your eyes as if they were lenses. Details, points of view, perspectives - everything that you might not have been able to notice before. This hike will definitely give you a completely different picture of nature and skills for photography. Sounds exciting? Write your hiking thoughts to e-mail 

Lahendaja OÜ / Lahematkad ja Heiki Hõimoja

In the region of Northwest Estonia, Heiki will look for all the cool places and take you on hikes. Book a trip to in advance. Find an interactive hiking trail at

Lahemaa Ökoturism MTÜ and Kauri Kivipõld

Lahemaa Ecotourism takes you to educational and exciting nature trips in the Lahemaa region. Check out the possibilities here -

Estlander MTÜ and Erki Vaikre

Nature trainings / Survival training / Heritage training / Population protection / Outdoor training - exciting survival trips in Lahemaa or Kõrvemaa, Northern Estonia. Did you know what bushcraft means? See more and contact us here -,

Metsamõisa Vara OÜ and Priit Adler

Priit offers exciting nature educational trips on foot or with snowshoes in the Harju County area. There are many programs and opportunities. Check out the possibilities here -

Nelson / Rivanel OÜ and Vahur Leemets. 

Vahur takes you on a canoe trip, the river options include the Valgejõgi, Põltsamaa and Pärnu rivers. The hiking club is also involved in climbing training and the construction of climbing walls and adventure trails. Check out the possibilities here -

SUPTrip Tr, SUP-board paddle tours and Nature observation

We offer guided SUP board excursions combined with nature observation and picnics on the rivers and crystal-clear springs of Northern and Central Estonia. Our tours provide a unique opportunity to explore both nature and yourself, as you leisurely paddle along serene rivers or marvel at the transparent spring waters and underwater life.

One of the most thrilling experiences is embarking on a SUP board adventure in early spring when the surroundings are still wintery, but the air is filled with the promise of spring. Weather permitting, we also organize SUP tours to the small islands of Lahemaa National Park in Northern Estonia, including enchanting sunset trips where you can camp under the starry sky and enjoy Estonia's long, bright summer nights and warm evenings. For more information or bookings email us 


Wanderlust Hiking: Explore More, Together

Wanderlust is that compelling urge that draws you back to the road, pushing you to discover both the world and yourself. We handle the organization, allowing you to simply come and enjoy time together! Whether you're planning a team event, company summer days, or a conference's outdoor pre- and post-tour activities, we facilitate these events in an environmentally friendly and professional manner. We provide a comprehensive range of services all year round across Estonia, assisting you in finding suitable catering and accommodation partners. An event in nature not only breaks the routine of work but also strengthens team relationships and supports the physical and mental well-being of all participants. Contact us emailing -


Authentic Adventures with Agirregoikoa Siberian Huskies

Discover an exhilarating adventure with Agirregoikoa Siberian Huskies, conveniently located just 30 minutes from Tartu. Immerse yourself in the snowy Estonian landscape on our thrilling sled dog tours. Experience the joy of interacting with our well-trained huskies, visit our kennel and farm tour, or embark directly on a delightful sled ride with our dogs. Learn more and book your experience at Agirregoikoa Siberian Huskies



Sledding, bike tours, canoeing and light raft tours, hikes on foot or with snowshoes in South- Estonia around Otepää and Pühajärve area. 



Levo is passionate nature enthusiast with every season, every weather and every possibility. Hiking trips in South-Estonia and across Estonia, snowshoe hiking,  FATbikes and electric bikes for a family or even bigger group. Also possible to enjoy water activities- canoeing on different rivers, or on light rafts to discover the underwater life in Aidu or Rummu quarries. 

Ilmavald OÜ

Horseback rides, sleigh rides, and carriage rides will take you to the scenic nature trails in South-Estonia. Come and enjoy the untouched Estonian nature, which is a real antidepressant and source of vitality. During the rides, we also observe different birds, animals and plants. For more information:  

SKIFT Ski Trips: Embrace the Winter Wonderland

At Skift, we believe everyone can ski! We offer ski trips and camps for adults, youngsters, and children both in Estonia and abroad. Beyond skiing, we organize climbing camps and walking tours when there is no snow. If you're looking to experience a genuine winter, complete with authentic interactions with snowy nature, Skift ski trips are perfect for you. Enjoy picturesque views and access exclusive, pristine natural spots only reachable in winter. Our high-quality tour organization seamlessly integrates local community traditions, ensuring a safe and enriching travel experience. For more information email us at



Viis Aastaaega

offers wonderful opportunities to discover West-Estonia’s overfloated landscape by canoeing with local nature guides. We invite you to explore Soomaa National Park with us! Our company – Viis Aastaaega/Five Seasons is amongst the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) certificate of EUROPARC. Canoeing in spring, kickbiking in summer, bogshoeing in autumn, kicksledding in winter. 


Seakayaking Estonia,  Discover the Thrill of the Baltic Waters

At Sea Kayaking Estonia, we provide high-quality canoeing and kayaking expeditions, trips, courses, and training, supported by an internationally qualified team of enthusiasts, guides, and coaches. Our passion for sea kayaking and canoeing drives us to offer exceptional experiences on the water.

Join us for epic kayak journeys around Estonia's small islands, where you can truly connect with nature and the sea. Experience the beauty of untouched natural environments as you paddle along the coast. Each trip offers breathtaking views of either sunrise or sunset, reflecting off the calm, shimmering sea, creating unforgettable moments. The wild coastal flora and fauna, along with areas inaccessible by land, are yours to explore during these exclusive excursions. For more information, contact us at


Matka-Rebane at Soomaa nature park

To protect nature, we need to understand and feel it. We bring people back to nature and show the responsible way to enjoy and to live in the nature. By participating in her hikes, you also contribute to saving nature. A good choice if you are interested in nature observation hikes, SUP board discovery trips or sledding on soft snow. 



The company helps to create your adventure and special moments at Vilsandi or Matsalu nature park. Possible to enjoy sea or mainland nature adventures, during the day or evening, group events or taylor-made nature programmes. 

Other members as

 Hansareisibüroo AS and Toomas ElmetThey offer both bus transport and other travel agency services: ferry tickets, Euro- and Ecolines bus tickets, health and traffic insurance, etc. Cooperate with all major tour operators. Find out more about the possibilities here -


Lahemaa Tourism Association
The association brings together tourism professionals from the Lahemaa region. Kaisa Linno, VisitLahemaa, @visitlahemaa

Võrtsjärve Sõprade Selts MTÜ and Anmar Pihlak
The Jõesuu recreation area surrounding the visitor center has a public car park, a beautiful sandy Emajõgi beach, an even more beautiful sandy beach on Lake Võrtsjärv, and a playground for children. Refreshments are available at the Konks Café, an apartment in the accommodation center. In the information point you will find all the necessary information about the recreation opportunities and entrepreneurs of the picnic area. The information point is open during the season - check out the options here -


Please feel free to contact us if you want to cooperate with us or have any concerns regarding Estonian nature tourism

Marilin Pehka

Project manager

+372 5105 441,

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